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At Sandton Partners LLC, we are dedicated to helping you. We have helped Real Estate Investors in New England and across the United States with the short term financing solutions necessary for their real estate business to succeed. We lend against non-owner occupied properties, and specialize in rehab loans and new construction projects. Since we establish our own guidelines, we have the freedom to be more flexible when it comes to financing your real estate project. As a result, through Sandton Partners LLC, you may have a greater chance of receiving a loan than you do from a formal banking institution.

Our talented principals have extensive experience working in the real estate industry. With our expertise and excellent programs, you could receive the tailored loan necessary for your success. Contact (508) 265-2720 to learn more about our services.

Sandton Partners LLC is known for:

  • Reliable Loans
  • Prompt Underwriting
  • Expert Investors
  • Quick Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Service

Your Private Lender

There are multiple benefits of investing with a Private Lender. This alternative credit source allows you to receive funds when you need them. Our principals at Sandton Partners LLC are experts in the real estate business. By understanding your needs we ensure you achieve success.

The benefits of working with Sandton Partners LLC include:

  • Quick Loans
  • Property and Project Evaluation Service
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Professional Rehab and Construction Inspection Service
  • Personalized Service

We’re Here to Help You

Our mission is to help you succeed and build long lasting business relationships. As professional investors, we understand how difficult it may be to meet the stringent requirements of conventional institutional lending. With Sandton Partners LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quick and creative financing solutions to Real Estate Investors. We tailor our services and provide you the loan program that most benefits your business. Schedule a free evaluation by contacting us at (508) 265-2720.

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